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Many years ago we started posting little blurbs about albums here on Deaconlight. Over the years, some of these blurbs grew into essays about the records or personal things related to the time these records were released. Eventually, we created profile pages for artists to link these record write-ups to. To organize things a little better, we listed the artists alphabetically in menus.

A few of the artist pages have print or audio interviews - some vintage, some newer. Most pages have links to official artist websites and social pages.

Please note that some of these pages are pretty old - especially the record pages - and may be out of date due to the time involved in managing a music site of this size. We are continuing to update these pages as well as add more record essays and vintage audio interviews as time allows.

  • 0-9 - Sure it would make more sense to file the bands in the "numbers" category alphabetically. That's just the way these pages were originally set up. We'll move them some day.
  • A - Of the listings in this section, the most accessed are All Time Low and AP Tour. My fave Ryan Adams is in here, too.
  • B - Bamboozle info is here.
  • C - The Cars, The Clash, The Cosmopolitans, and The Cult are among bands that have record essays in our "C" section.
  • D - The Damned to Dylan.
  • E - Audio interview with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat.
  • F - One of my faves is Jeffrey Dean Foster.
  • G - Green Day essays and photos from 2005 American Idiot tour.
  • H - Ashton Kutcher's Twitter screen shots showing his admiration for Alex Highton!
  • I - Interpol and Scotty Irving. Period.
  • J - As much as I love The Jam, I can't believe I haven't had more to say about their records than I put in here.
  • K - At least two essays here for Kraftwerk albums.
  • L - Find out what I wore to the Led Zeppelin concert in 1975.
  • M - My Chemical Romance, my favorite band (well, one of many faves). Old interview with The Maine in here, too.
  • N - I can see this area needs some cleaning up.
  • O - The Othermothers aren't The Only Ones in here.
  • P - Lots of P's.
  • Q - No Q's.
  • R - Big category here including Ramones, Root Boy Slim, Stan Ridgway, and an old interview I did with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck.
  • S - Spinal Tap lives here.
  • T - Taking Back Sunday section has parts of my 2011 interview with singer Adam Lazzara.
  • U - Lots of U2 stuff, particularly the April 23, 1983 show at Keenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, when U2 opened for Todd Rundgren.
  • V - V is Violent Femmes and The Vapors.
  • W - Who and Woolley.
  • X - Rather obvious.
  • Y - Neil Young is obvious, but how about Yachts?
  • Z - You'd think by now I'd have some sort of write-up for Zappa.
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