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Autohypnosis' sound is a mixture of '80s synthpop (Duran Duran, Depeche Mode), '90s trip-hop (Portishead, Sneaker Pimps), '70s atmospheric rock (Pink Floyd, David Bowie) and electronic-oriented music of the new millennium (Radiohead, Frou Frou, The Postal Service).

Nathan Stack - Autohypnosis - EP The SurfaceNathan Stack began writing and recording demos of the music that would become Autohypnosis in 2003, and in February 2004, he launched the Autohypnosis website and put the first few demos online.

In April 2005, Nathan began performing live as Autohypnosis. As with the writing and recording process, he plays live by himself, using his synthesizer's sequencer to play certain portions of the instrumental music while he sings and plays guitar and keyboard.

Cover of the Autohypnosis EP The SurfaceOn March 1, 2006, Nathan released the debut Autohypnosis CD, a five-song EP titled "The Surface," on Postmodern Dream Records, his own record label. Nathan continues to perform live and is writing songs for the follow-up to "The Surface."

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Nathan's other musical credits include being the singer in a live rock band, The Big Secret, in 2003; one official CD release under his own name - 2002's rock/synthpop album "Shooting the Decoy"; having his cover of "Girls on Film" appear on the album "Glue: A Tribute to the Music of Duran Duran"; and an extensive collection of unpublished recordings.

There is more information about Nathan's other musical endeavors at his main website,


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