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June Carter Cash

June Carter (Cash) - "Country Girl" 45 RPM

This page is a little different. When I first posted it, I had not been able to find the song "Country Girl" by June Carter on any record/CD, etc. so I converted my old scrachy RCA version to an MP3 and posted here on Deaconlight.

In 2005, the June Carter Cash collection Keep on the Sunny Side was released, which included this song. This particular song is so prized you can't get the song by itself; you have to get the whole collection. I tried uploading my rickety, scratchy MP3 to Soundcloud recently, but even as bad a recording as it was, it was snagged by DRM software. So the best I can offer is this preview of the song on iTunes.

It is June Carter, later to become June Carter Cash, with Homer and Jethro, doing a song called "Country Girl." This was one of my favorite records when I was a kid and I still think it is an awesome record to this day.

Below is a picture of the front side of the record. The other side is a funny cover of "It's Cold Outside," also with Homer and Jethro.

June Carter Cash Country Girl on RCA records with Homer and Jethro 45 rpm vinyl

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