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Shawn Colvin Audio Documentary by Paul Ingles:
Inside These Four Walls


Shawn Colvin tells the story behind her CD These Four Walls in an audio documentary by Paul Ingles.Shawn Colvin is, according to the Music Hound Folk Encyclopedia, "a writer and performer of rare and special abilities." In this two-hour special for public radio, award-winning producer Paul Ingles presents a compelling portrait of the singer/songwriter at work on her most recent music and at home reflecting on her remarkable career that has included three Grammy awards, critical and commercial success.

The program is an independently produced study of a notable artist coming to grips with mid-life, and personal and professional challenges. Ingles visited with Colvin at the beginning, middle and end of her process of writing and recording the 2006 release These Four Walls. Listeners will hear both early and finished versions of tracks from the CD (released 9/12/06) as well as highlights of a studio recording session in Austin.

Woven into the story of the making of the album is Shawn Colvin's own tale of growing up in South Dakota, struggling to make it as a performer and writer, then getting "discovered" at the relatively late age of 33, and recording a #1 song and top-selling album at 41. Cover to Shawn Colvin CD These Four Walls.Soon after hitting this peak, however, her record company lost interest in her, unable to imagine a 40-something woman hitting the pop radio charts again. In the past decade, Colvin has had her first and only child, endured a second divorce, changed management and record labels, and turned 50. All bringing her to the moment in her life documented in "Shawn Colvin: These Four Walls."

Also featured: Colvin's long-time producer and co-writer John Leventhal, Lydia Hutchinson (editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine) and Jody Denberg of Austin's KGSR Radio. Music from all parts of Colvin's career provides the soundtrack to this lively portrait of an important, though sometimes overlooked, figure in music.

Listen to "Shawn Colvin: Inside These Four Walls"

Paul's program is airing in both one-hour and two-hour formats on public radio stations. I don't have a current listing of when it is airing where, so you might want to contact your local public radio station to see if/when it will be aired.

You can also hear the show in streaming audio on CoolStreams, which offers both a high quality stream with no ads by subscription and a good quality stream with ads/promos. CoolStream is a licensed music streaming site.

Interviews with Shawn Colvin and Others in the Program

You can here the extended interviews with Shawn Colvin and the other guests who are featured in "Shawn Colvin: Inside These Four Walls" on Paul's Web site at:


About Producer Paul Ingles


Paul Ingles has been in broadcasting since 1975 and has experience as a producer, news and sports reporter, recording engineer, editor, on-air personality, trainer and manager. Paul has worked at radio and television stations in North Carolina, Washington, DC, Ohio and New Mexico. More recently, as an independent radio producer, he has filed reports for NPR news magazines (Morning Edition and All Things Considered) and NPR newscasts as well as numerous other public radio programs.

He has produced radio programs on music, popular culture, literature, media literacy and other topics that have been distributed nationally, including specials spotlighting The Beatles and Bob Dylan that were each carried on over 100 stations. Paul has also taught a rock "n" roll history course for the University of New Mexico and written a series of books called THE ROCK HISTORY REFERENCE GUIDES that are in use at dozens of radio stations across the country.

In 2003, he founded the non-profit media organization Good Radio Shows, Inc.

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