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Single "Just Like Me" - DMC with Sarah McLachlan

Run-DMC's 'DMC' teams up with Sarah McLachlan on "Just Like Me"

A hip-hop/folk hybrid of Harry Chapin's "Cats in the Cradle"

DMC and Sarah MacLachlan - new single "Just Like Me"NOBLE PR LTD -- (March 2006) -- What happens when one third of the world's biggest rap and hip-hop group (Run-DMC) goes solo and delivers a meaningful song that combines rap and hip-hop with a folk music classic by Harry Chapin?

The key track from DMC's first solo album is "Just Like Me" - a result of discovering in his mid 30s that he was adopted. By 1997 the music business took its toll to the point where DMC, turned to alcohol, was diagnosed with a speaking disorder, and contemplated suicide. Suddenly he became obsessed with a song he heard on the radio called "Angel" sung by Sarah McLachlan. He played the song repeatedly for a year and attributed it to saving his life.

Years later when he wrote about his experience about discovering that he was actually adopted in the song "Just Like Me", when it came time to find a collaborator to sing the "Cat's In The Cradle" chorus in the song, he had only one person in mind; Sarah McLachlan.

The single "Just Like Me" could be a repeat performance of what Run-DMC achieved in 1986 when they merged rock with rap with Aerosmiths' Walk This Way. Twenty years later, and four years after Jay Master Jay was brutally murdered, DMC is about to release his first solo album, and has penned a politically aware rap song that combines a folk anthem with rap and hip-hop. The album features a virtual who's who of artists from various musical genres including former Run-DMC co-rapper Rev. Run, Doug E. Fresh, Aerosmith's Joey Kramer & Tom Hamilton, New Cars' guitarist Elliot Easton, Kiara, C.S.I.'s Gary Dourdan, Kid Rock, Romeo Antonio, DJ Lethal, Ms. Jade, and Napoleon (Outlawz). The album, "Checks, Thugs and Rock N Roll" is released in the UK on May 29th by Attitude Music.

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