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Duran Duran Deaconlight Spotlight Playlist

Thanks to everyone who came out today to listen to the show and hang out in the chat room. A special thanks and "Happy Birthday" to Duranie Dawn, who played a big part in putting this show together. We'll do it again sometime.

-- Posted 3 March 2007 (DDT)

  1. Late Bar: B-sides & Beyond 1981-1987
  2. Nice: Astronaut
  3. Friends of Mine: Duran Duran
  4. Girls on Film (Club Mix): 12" single
  5. Pretty Ones: Demo from Astronaut
  6. Hungry Like the Wolf (Remix): Carnival EP
  7. Astronaut: Astronaut
  8. Faith in this Color: B-Side to "Please Please Tell Me Now"
  9. The Reflex (Dance Mix): 12" single
  10. New Religion: Rio
  11. Beautiful Colors: Demo from Astronaut
  12. New Moon on Monday: Seven and the Ragged Tiger
  13. Virus: Demo from Astronaut
  14. Planet Earth (Dance Mix): 12" single
  15. The Chauffeur: Rio
  16. Careless Memories: Duran Duran
  17. Hold Back the Rain (Remix): Carnival EP
  18. To The Shore: Duran Duran [UK Import]
  19. Union of the Snake: Seven and the Ragged Tiger
  20. (Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile: B-sides & Beyond 1981-1987
  21. What Happens Tomorrow: Astronaut
  22. Please Please Tell Me Now (Monster Mix): 12" single
  23. Burning the Ground: B-sides & Beyond 1981-1987


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