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Mitch Easter

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Mitch Easter - Dynamico Record

About Mitch Easter

Mitch Easter playing with Sacred IronyMitch Easter has worn many musical hats for the past few decades including musician, songwriter, producer, and engineer. You might know him as a member of the 1980s band Let's Active, who released several great records including one of my all-time faves, Big Plans for Everybody (1986). Or you might remember him as a record producer who helped R.E.M. get their start and big break. Perhaps you have along the way heard of his legendary Drive-In Studio where countless talented bands recorded in the early 1980s. Maybe you have seen Mitch play live over the past few years in the bands Shalini and The Fiendish Minstrels.

Even if you have not heard of Mitch Easter, it is very likely that Mitch is in some way connected to a band or artist you like: wearing one of those hats mentioned above or even just as an influence in one way or another.

-- June 2006 (DD)

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