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Let's Active

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Let's Active Record Notes

Vintage Mitch Easter/Let's Active Recordings

Mitch Easter on Reel-to-Reel as The Permaneats/PreFabs - Single File, I Will Understand, Stuck on You
The PermaNeats, who became the PreFabs.
All instruments Mitch Easter.
Reel-to-reel cover from August 1980.
Mitch Easter on Reel-to-Reel - Law of Averages and In Fun Town
Mitch Easter "Law of Averages" and "In Fun Town".
Reel-to-reel cover from 1980.
Let's Active on Reel-to-Reel - Room With a View, Two Yous, Leader of Men
Let's Active "Room with a View," "Two Yous," and "Leader of Men."
Reel-to-reel cover from October 1982.

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