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Milk Kan

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Milk Kan from London

Geez! I can't function. All I want to do is listen to "Bling Bling Baby."

The first time you hear this song you think, "Hmm, I want to hear that again." The second time you hear it you think, "Hmm, that's catchy. Let's hear it one more time." By the third time you hear it, it's totally stuck in your head and you can't get enough of it.

Scrappy, Jimmy, Loz - Dudes You Rock!!! I think when Ian Dury left this world he sprinkled his spirit on you.

-- Posted February 19, 2006 (DDT)

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Milk Kan Band Members

    The Crunk Preaching Poet on broken guitar
    The Slung Drunk Beat bumper and Guitar Twangler
    the animal bangin an shoutin on the raw hide skins.
Scrappy Hood singing in London's Holland Park
Milk Kan's Jimmy Blade
Loz Vegas beats the drums for Milk Kan
Milk Kans Scrappy Hood, Loz Vegas and Jimmy Blade on stage

Video clips and photos used by permission from Milk Kan.

Milk Kan Opens for Violent Femmes in London (2006)

Audience digging Milk Kan at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London.Wish I could have seen the show with Milk Kan and the Violent Femmes at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. From the buzz I have seen around online, it was a great show.

Scrappy sent me this note:

Milk Kan's Scrappy Hood looking cool in shades and cap.

easy dd,

show wit the femmes was sooooooo good!!!proper amazing!!!was totally rammed up in the empire!!!
i'll get sum pics ova to u asap.
thanx for all the support ur site looks great
take it easy
milk kan

Have a look at Milk Kan and how much the crowd is groovin'!... »

-- Posted 3 March 2006

Scrappy Hood Does New York City

Milk Kan's Scrappy Hood was in NYC earlier this year [2006]. Here's a note he sent me on 24 April 2006:

Milk Kan's Scrappy Hood at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London.

easy dd,

sorry bout late reply. but yea new york was great,,,,played 4 shows in the end and a couple of open mics like!!!!!!!It went down really well,,,and they had hooked me up wit good slots so was pretty rammed at each venue!!!!!!!!

Yea the sidewalk a pretty good venue,,,but prefer the bowery and some more of the underground open mics on the lower east side. Hung out wit this poet click called art stars which is all a bit performance arty but proper underground and u get sum real characters and amazing performances at them!!!!!!!!

hope al lis well wit ya

take it easy
PS Just posted a new song i did wit Dolly Parton 'Here ya come Again'!!!!!!!!!She sounds great!!!!!

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