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The Maine Interview 2009

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Interview with The Maine's John, Pat, & Garrett

Deaconlight chatted with John O'Callaghan, Pat Kirch, and Garrett Nickelsen after the The Maine's gig at Warped Tour in Charlotte, July 23, 2009. As we had done with All Time Low earlier that afternoon, we retreated to the press trailer's small, dimly lit bathroom to escape the noise. There were five of in there - Avalon, Pat, and Garrett standing, DD in a chair, and John on the "jon." We got details about the recently released Deluxe Version of Can't Stop Won't Stop on iTunes and we were pleased to learn of the recently ressurected Maine website -

DD: This is your first Warped Tour, right?

John O'Callaghan from The Maine band at Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC, July 23, 2009John O'Callaghan: Yeah we did eight shows last year but this is the real deal this year for us.

Garrett Nickelsen to John O'Callaghan: I didn't realize how tan you are. You're very tan.

DD: Are you wearing your sunscreen?

John O'Callaghan: Uh, no.

Garrett Nickelsen: I think everyone stopped wearing it...

Avalon: Skin cancer!

Pat Kirch: ...after the first week. Everyone stopped wearing sunscreen.

DD: I know that the deluxe edition of your record [Can't Stop Won't Stop] just came out. What's "deluxe" about it?

Pat Kirch: It comes with a couple of extra bonus tracks. It comes with "Pour Some Sugar on Me," which is a song we are playing on Warped Tour.

DD: It's by Def Leppard.

Drummer Pat Kirch from The Maine band at Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC, July 23, 2009

Pat Kirch: Yep. It comes with a documentary called "In Person," which is like 32 minutes long and it features lives songs from us in Canada and basically a documentary taking you from the beginning of the band up until now. It's pretty cool.

DD: Do we learn any secrets?

Pat Kirch: Yes. You learn tons of secrets.

Avalon: What's the difference between your EP and your album besides...

DD (sarcastically): The album has more songs.

Avalon: Besides that!

John O'Callaghan: Between our EP? Like The Way We Talk EP?

Avalon: Yeah.

Pat Kirch: We had more time to work on it. The EP we recorded it in like four days. And we did the record in like a month and a half. So we just got to do more of what we wanted. And it's more focused.

DD: What do like most about Warped Tour?

Garrett Nickelsen: I used to say the catering. I haven't eaten the catering in like a week now just cuz the line's too long. Sometimes it rains and it cools you off. That's cool.

DD: I won't ask what the least thing is probably the heat, right?

All: Yeah. Yes.

DD: How are you finding the audience? It looked like there were a lot of people out there listening.

John O'Callaghan: Yeah. It's been really good. Sometimes you have to pull it out of them. It's all about time. Like set time and where you're playing and kind of those stage locations. But the kids seem to find it alright. And they're coming out and they're singing along so we're very excited.

DD: It does get hot dancing out there in that heat.

John O'Callaghan: It does. I know. I know.

DD: You know when you tell everybody to put their hands up in the air then suddenly we can't see you.

John laughs.

DD: How do you think your live set differs from your record?

John O'Callaghan: Well it's obviously not as polished.

Garrett Nickelsen: I was gonna say that.

John O'Callaghan: And it's more real in the sense that you know we make mistakes and stuff on stage and we think people appreciate that and I hope people appreciate that because if music turns into just one dude on stage playing with a drum machine and an auto-tune then I think I don't want to be playing music anymore. We try to just be who we actually are and I hope that bleeds through to our performance. I think it does.

DD: Are you aware of just how popular you guys are getting? I don't really keep up with what's popular or whatever but I get so much traffic coming to my website people looking for The Maine. There's obviously a lot of interest in you guys.

John O'Callaghan: I don't think we really can I mean we can tell by kids coming out and supporting us.

Garrett Nickelsen from The Maine band at Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC, July 23, 2009Garrett Nickelsen: Like when we were touring full-time I think it was a lot harder to tell. When we were home we were able to like check our MySpace everyday and see how that was building. But since we've been touring it's been harder to check those things so like you don't really know where you're at or like if kids even care about you any more or anything so it's cool to see kids coming out every day and stuff.

DD: I see you sometimes have time to tweet. [To Pat] I see you tweet more than the other guys.

Pat Kirch: We all try to keep up with the online stuff as much as possible and try to keep kids connected in that way.

DD: Do you feel like Twitter helps you stay a little more connected with your fans?

John O'Callaghan: I think that's what MySpace was for. I'm not a huge fan of Twitter. I think it's pretty creepy in my eyes. And I think it's taking out... it's making everything very impersonal and I think people are just going to start going through information that they find out through Twitter and they're going to forget about it. I think it's. I'll do it because everybody else is but I'm not going to do it every second of the day and tell you that I'm in a bathroom right now. I just feel like it, you know, it's gonna get to the point where if somebody dies it's gonna be like "Oh, did you hear somebody died?" "Oh, did you hear Shaq's eating at Denny's?" you know what I mean? Nobody's gonna care so that's how I feel about it. But yeah I try and make mine really obscure.

DD: So how do you feel like you're going to stay connected with your fans as there are more and more of them.

John O'Callaghan: I think MySpace is a perfect way. I think that's been our kind of North Star, if you will, as far as what we look towards and think that's been everybody else's, you know, nobody has websites any more. So we're going to try to focus on building our own website and getting more traffic there and people that are actually devoted to your band and you know the MySpace will be there so that people can play it during a party or something like that. But I think if they're actually intrigued about what we're doing and interested in our band then they can go to our website and I think that's going to be...

DD: That wasn't, well I haven't checked it in several months. Do you have a website up now?

Pat Kirch: It's It is back up and better than ever.

DD: So what's there?

Pat Kirch: Basically it's kind of like a social networking site but just for our band. You can log in and have your own profile and update your own pictures and talk to other fans. There's a message board and all that kind of stuff.

DD: When did you start this?

Pat Kirch: Like a week and a half ago?

DD: So this is really new. Who's managing this?

Pat Kirch: It's kind of all of us and our label as well helping us keep all the information up to date. Basically we're just trying to have fans connect with other fans from across the country and connect with us in a very personal way.

DD: This is something you actually go in there and look at, right?

Garrett Nickelsen: Absolutely. I just feel like the Internet is such a useful resource and I feel like if you're scattering yourself too many places then there's so many places to go find you but we if can direct traffic toward one specific site then I think that's going to be very beneficial for us and that's I think where we want to head ultimately.

DD: Your MySpace page, you still doing that?

John O'Callaghan: Still up and operating.

DD: But you're still pretty much doing that yourself?

All: Yeah.

Pat Kirch: Basically what the goal is now to post everything that we post on the web site also on the MySpace as well.

DD: What's coming up next?

Pat Kirch: We're going to be on tour this fall with Boys Like Girls and Cobra Starship and A Rocket to the Moon. That's pretty much what it is. We're gonna be on tour forever.

DD: Are you writing any songs?

John O'Callaghan: Man we've been writing songs. We've been writing songs since the first day we got out of the studio from the first record. We'll continue to write more songs and hope to get back in the studio sometime soon and lay it all down and come out with the second record.

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