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The New Fear from Liverpool, England

The New Fear from Liverpool England standing in front of a beached ship. Photo by Michael Key.From Liverpool, UK

One of the things that has made me learn to like MySpace is being able to have direct access to music by new bands. When I worked in radio back in the 80s, I could read about bands all the time, but I didn't get to hear their music unless a record rep sent it to me, a friend shared it with me, or I bought it to see what it sounded like.

Every time I get an "Add Request" on MySpace from an artist, I listen to all the songs on that artist's MySpace player. Unless a band really sucks or there is something about their page I find objectionable, I generally accept the add.

When I listened the the four songs on The New Fear's player a few weeks ago, I liked them so much I listened to them again. I kept finding myself going back to their page to hear the songs.

Check Out These Songs by The New Fear

The New Fear don't sound at all like the "old" Fear, another band I like a lot. Since I try to stay away from writing reviews, you can check them out for yourself. To hear more and to see more of these really cool pictures by Michael Key (man, isn't that shot in front of the ship up there UnReall!!?), go to The New Fear's MySpace page at I will try to keep you posted of updates as I hear them, but their MySpace page is where you can find the latest. Can't wait for these guys to come Stateside.

The New Fear - MP3s

The New Fear Band Members

  • Vocals: Chris Woodcock
  • Guitars: Alec Williams
  • Drums: Gareth Williams
  • Bass: Andy Corrin-Gleeson

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Pictures posted with permission from The New Fear.


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