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About Snüzz

Snuzz photo by Frank Pyrtle - June 2008Britt Harper Uzzell - AKA Snüzz (pronounced "Snooze" and allegedly named so "because of his sleepy persona") started out in Raleigh hardcore outfit "Resist" in 1984. He formed "Sociopaths" in 1986 and they made two demos.

Other Greensboro, North Carolina, formations from the late '80s/early '90s included "Big Kids" with Jeff Carroll, "Kickin' the bucket" with Norwood Cheek and "Pots and Pans" (later renamed "Snüzz") with Ben Folds and Evan Olson.

In 1990, Britt and Evan formed "Bus Stop" with Eddie Walker and Chuck Folds. The band went on to release 4 CDs - "Bus Stop," "No Parking," "A Little Faster," and "Miracle Time," plus one Japanese compilation - "Ball and Chain" - and two cassettes. A publishing contract was landed with Warner Chapel and songs have appeared on Melrose Place, Homicide, Brooklyn South and Baywatch.

In May 1997, Snüzz recorded his self-titled album (with Chuck on bass and Eddie on drums). Since that album, Snüzz has had two other releases - "Harper" and "One Piece Band" - and was involved in the band "International Orange" with Django Haskins, Robert Sledge and Jason Fagg, contributing two songs to their EP, "Spoon Box."

He often plays with his mentally challenged friend, Charles Smith (Big GMC) and contributed half of the album "Harper" to his music. Snüzz played guitar for Ben Folds on his 2001 "Rockin' the Suburbs" tour. He and his wife Nicole live in Chapel Hill where they work as a husband-wife team, producing and selling Snüzz's music.

Snüzz recently was involved with the production of "The Saving Graces" EP, "These Stars are for You."

Snüzz is now playing alongside Robert Sledge and is he working on his new album.

-- Posted February 24, 2006

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From the album Big Potatoes


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