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2011 Adam Lazzara Interview - Tour, Bamboozle

Taking Back Sunday's 2011 Tour Plans

Downtown Denver on Tuesday, June 14, is where Taking Back Sunday begin their first summer U.S. circuit in two years. The tour moves west before heading south and circling up the east coast, winding up in Chicago. Fans are up close and personal as most of the venues are small-to-mid-size, so it's not surprising to find shows sold out. The demand for tickets has prompted the two L.A. area venues for the tour to add second shows at the end of June, when the new Taking Back Sunday self-titled album is released. There is a lot of buzz around the album, enhanced by the return of original band members Shaun Cooper and John Nolan, who left Taking Back Sunday in 2003 to form Straylight Run.

Taking Back Sunday did some warm-up club shows in April leading up to their headlining spot at Bamboozle Saturday, April 30. Along the way singer Adam Lazzara caught a bug that affected his voice but that didn't keep the band from performing their debut album - Tell All Your Friends - in its entirety for fans at Bamboozle. This action garnered a "Best Surprise" nod from Spin Magazine's 2011 Bamboozle coverage.

Singer Adam Lazzara has a particular affinity for the Bamboozle festival, which features hundreds of bands on many stages in a carnival-like atmosphere. Taking Back Sunday's most recent Bamboozle appearance prior to this year was in 2009.

"Any direction you turn there's something new to see." he said. "That's what makes it so cool. We've played a lot of festivals over in the UK and Europe. For bands that came up in the same scene we came up in, Bamboozle is kind of like 'our festival.' We feel like we're a big part of it. Before it was Bamboozle it was called Skate and Surf. We were on the first couple of those shows because we were a Northeast band. So it's awesome to be a part of it as it's been growing. We're really happy that they had us back."

In August, Taking Back Sunday are on the bill for the UK's Reading and Leeds Festivals. They will also use that month to make up UK shows originally scheduled for May. Two London gigs went on as planned but most of the remaining shows were moved to August due to "scheduling conflicts."

This isn't the first time Taking Back Sunday's UK plans encountered an unexpected change. The band had booked a string of UK dates after the release of Tell All Your Friends but the departure of Nolan and Cooper waylaid those plans.

"The U.K. will be cool because we haven't been over there with John and Shaun - with the original lineup," says Adam. "Right before they left, we had a run in the U.K. similar to this one we have booked now. Then we had to cancel it. There was a lot of backlash about that. It was a big bummer at the time. Now we're finally getting a chance to go all these years later."

On the U.S. tour this summer, the band is balancing the new songs with older ones. Having the original Tell All Your Friends lineup will likely have an impact on the set list, as it did at this year's Bamboozle.

"Over the years you kind of gauge the songs that people want to hear," says Adam. "We try to really focus on that and play what we think everybody wants to hear. It will be a good mix of the whole catalog and trying to squeeze those other new ones in, hoping people don't stop watching."

I comment that Taking Back Sunday's catalog is getting pretty big.

"Yeah," Adam says. "It makes me feel old when I look at it."

"And what was it, nine years ago...," I say.

"Nine years ago like last week."

"Saturday." [March 26]

"Saturday, yeah. I was on the phone with a buddy of mine - Mike Shea [founder/leader of Alternative Press Magazine - Ed]. He said 'Happy Anniversary' and I was 'I don't know what you're talking about, man.' And he said 'It was nine years ago today that your first record came out.' I had no idea."

"Next year will be 10."

"Ten. Yeah!"

"A decade of Taking Back Sunday."

"When we first started our only goal was to only tour and have our music reach a lot of people. To think this will be our fifth record. I think we keep getting better, too. Hopefully other people will think that as well. We're just really blessed."

- May 30, 2011
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