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Friday 7 November 2008  

  • HOUR ONE: 16:00 GMT (9am PDT - Noon EDT - 17:00 GMT)
  1. Buy Do It by Rollins Band Move Right In - Rollins Band: Do It
    Released 1988
  2. Buy Nevermind by Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana: Nevermind
    Released 1991
  3. Pearl Jam on Deaconlight Leash - Pearl Jam: Vs.
    Released 1993
  4. Zen Vendetta at MySpace West Coast - Zen Vendetta: Out On The West Coast

  5. Buy Dig Out Your Soul by Oasis The Turning - Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul
    Released 2008
  6. Record info for Hot Dog Chihuahua by Mohanski on Deaconlight California - Mohanski: Hotdog Chihuahua
    Released 2008
  7. Record info for Postcards from California by 54 Seconds on Deaconlight California - 54 Seconds: Postcards From California
    Released 2007
  8. Buy Avalanche by Jonas Sees in Color Avalanche - Jonas Sees in Color: Avalanche
    Released 2007

  9. Buy Loyalty to Loyalty by Cold War Kids Against Privacy - Cold War Kids: Loyalty to Loyalty
    Released 2008
  10. Buy My Bloody Underground by The Brian Jonestown Massacre Yeah - Yeah - The Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Bloody Underground
    Released 2008
  11. Buy Earth to the Dandy Warhols by The Dandy Warhols Talk Radio - The Dandy Warhols: Earth to the Dandy Warhols
    Released 2008

    HOUR TWO: 17:00 GMT (10am PDT - 1pm EDT - 18:00 GMT)

  12. Nine Inch Nails on Deaconlight Discipline - Nine Inch Nails: The Slip
    Released 2008
  13. Buy Zeitgeist by Smashing Pumpkins Tarantula - Smashing Pumpkins: Zeitgeist
    Released 2007
  14. R.E.M. record info on Deaconlight Crush With Eyeliner - R.E.M.: Monster
    Released 1994
  15. Record info for Dynamico by Mitch Easter on Deaconlight Sudden Crown Drop - Mitch Easter: Dynamico
    Released 2007

  16. Buy The Nu-Look by Don Dixon Sputnik - Don Dixon: The Nu-Look
    Released 2008
  17. Record info for MacDougal Blues by Kevn Kinney on Deaconlight The House Above Tina's Grocery - Kevn Kinney: MacDougal Blues
    Released 1990
  18. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals record info on Deaconlight Go Easy - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: Cardinology
    Released 2008
  19. Record info for Million Star Hotel by Jeffrey Dean Foster on Deaconlight Lily of the Highway - Jeffrey Dean Foster: Million Star Hotel
    Released 2005

  20. Buy the single I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy on iTunes USA I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy: Folie a Deux
    Released 2008
  21. Record info for Arena by Todd Rundgren on Deaconlight Mountaintop - Todd Rundgren: Arena
    Released 2008
  22. Record info for The Cult on Deaconlight Born Into This - The Cult: Born Into This
    Released 2007
  23. The Doors on Deaconlight L.A. Woman - The Doors: L.A. Woman
    Released 1970
  24. Buy Great Gonzos - The Best of Ted Nugent by Ted Nugent Stranglehold - Ted Nugent: Great Gonzos
    Collection released 1981


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