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Deaconlight Radio Playlist — April 1, 2009

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HOUR ONE: Noon ET (9am PT, 5pm London)

  1. David Johansen - David Johansen albumCool Metro - David Johansen: David Johansen (1978)
  2. New York Dolls - New York Dolls albumJet Boy - New York Dolls: New York Dolls (1973)
  3. Standing in the Shower Thinking - Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking (1988)
  4. The Only One - The Cure: 4:13 Dream (2008)

  5. Record info for * Lost in the Sound of Separation * by underOath on Deaconlight Coming Down is Calming Down - underOath: Lost in the Sound of Separation (2008)
  6. FFTL at Deaconlight Note to Self - From First to Last: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count (2004)
  7. Buy * Conviction * by Aiden Memory - Aiden: Conviction (2007)
  8. Buy * Plagues * by The Devil Wears Prada Reptar, King of the Ozone - The Devil Wears Prada: Plagues
    Released 2007

  9. Buy Whisper War by The Cab This City is Contagious - The Cab: Whisper War (2008)
  10. Buy * Folie A Deux * by Fall Out Boy 27 - Fall Out Boy: Folie a Deux (2008)
  11. Panic at the Disco at Deaconlight Pas de Cheval - Panic at the Disco: Pretty. Odd. (2008)
  12. Buy * Weezer (Red Album) * by Weezer Troublemaker - Weezer: Weezer (Red Album) (2008)

  13. Record info for * Dawn of the Dickies  * by The Dickies on Deaconlight Attack of the Mole Men - The Dickies: Dawn of the Dickies (1979)
  14. Download "Dead Cities" by The Exploited on MP3 Dead Cities - The Exploited: Totally Exploited (1986)
  15. Buy * Endanged Species * by UK Subs Endangered Species - UK Subs: Endangered Species (1982)
  16. Buy High Voltage Box: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute Problem Child - Flipper: High Voltage Box: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute
    Collection released 2007

HOUR TWO: 1pm ET (10am PT, 6pm London)

  1. Nine Inch Nails artist page Demon Seed - Nine Inch Nails: The Slip (2008)
  2. Buy * Alles Wieder Offen * by Einstürzende Neubauten Let's Do It A Dada - Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles Wieder Offen (2007)
  3. Buy In Rainbows by Radiohead Bodysnatchers - Radiohead: In Rainbows (2008)
  4. Buy Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac by the Butthole Surfers Cherub - Butthole Surfers: Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac
    Released 1985

  5. Record info for * Rocket to Russia * by The Ramones on Deaconlight Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Ramones: Rocket to Russia (1977)
  6. Record info for * Stands for deciBels * by The db's on Deaconlight Bad Reputation - The db's: Stands for deciBels (1981)
  7. Record info for Fast Times at Barrington High by The Academy Is... on Deaconlight Rumoured Nights - The Academy Is...: Fast Times at Barrington High (2008)
  8.  at Deaconlight Can't Get There from Here - R.E.M.: Fables of the Reconstruction
    Released 1985

  9. Record info for * No Line on the Horizon * by U2 on Deaconlight Fez - Being Born - U2: No Line on the Horizon (2009)
  10. Record info for A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay on Deaconlight Clocks - Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002)
  11. uran Duran at Deaconlight Friends of Mine - Duran Duran: Duran Duran (1981)
  12. For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure
    Released 1973


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