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Radio Show Playlist - 7 October 2009

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Wednesday Show on Internet Radio Station ErrorFM

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HOUR ONE: Noon ET (9:00 AM PT, 1600 GMT)

  1. Record info for * No Line on the Horizon * by U2 on DeaconlightGet On Your Boots - U2: No Line on the Horizon (2009)
  2. Download "Prisoner" Single by Jeffree Star on iTunesPrisoner - Jeffree Star: [Single] (2009)
  3. Download "Living In the Sky With Diamonds" from * Hot Mess (Deluxe Version) * by Cobra Starship on iTunesLiving In the Sky With Diamonds - Cobra Starship: Hot Mess (Deluxe Version) (2008)
  4. Download "Poison Arrow" from * The Lexicon of Love * by ABC on iTunesPoison Arrow - ABC: The Lexicon of Love (1982)
  5. Download "Oh Yeah" from * Chickenfoot * by Chickenfoot on iTunesOh Yeah - Chickenfoot: Chickenfoot (2009)
  6. Download "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" from * Double Live Gonzo! * by Ted Nugent on iTunesWang Dang Sweet Poontang - Ted Nugent: Double Live Gonzo! (1978)
  7. Download "Hell Bent for Leather" from * Hell Bent for Leather * by Judas Priest on iTunesHell Bent for Leather - Judas Priest: Hell Bent for Leather (1979)
  8. Download "Beast and the Harlot" from * City of Evil * by Avenged Sevenfold on iTunesBeast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold: City of Evil (2005)
  9. Download "Sun It Rises" from * Fleet Foxes * by Fleet Foxes on iTunesSun It Rises - Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes (2008)
  10. Download "Parades Go By" from * 69 Love Songs Part 1 * by The Magnetic Fields on iTunesParades Go By - The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs Part 1 (1999)
  11. Download "Love Song" from * Earth to the Dandy Warhols * by The Dandy Warhols on iTunesLove Song - The Dandy Warhols: Earth to the Dandy Warhols (2008)
  12. Download "Spell of Wheels" from * Full Service, No Waiting * by Peter Case on iTunesSpell of Wheels - Peter Case: Full Service, No Waiting (1998)
  13. Download "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues" from * SNAKEBITE: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs * by Stan Ridgway on iTunesTalkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues - Stan Ridgway: SNAKEBITE: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs (2004)

HOUR TWO: 1pm ET (10am PT, 6pm London)

  1. Download "Uprising" from * The Resistance * by Muse on iTunesUprising - Muse: The Resistance (2009)
  2. Download Magic Wands - Magic Love and Dreams EP on iTunesBlack Magic (Magic Love and Dreams Masters) - Magic Wands: Magic Love and Dreams EP (2009)
  3. Download "Shot In the Back of the Head" from * Wait for Me * by Moby on iTunesShot In the Back of the Head - Moby: Wait for Me (2009)
  4. Buy * Burning Blue Soul * by The The at FYEIcing Up - The The: Burning Blue Soul (1981)icon

    Coalman's Challenge Set:
  5. Record info for * Horses * by Patti Smith on DeaconlightGloria - Patti Smith Group: Horses (1975)
  6. Buy * The Last Waltz * by The Band at FYECaravan - Van Morrison with The Band: The Last Waltz (1978)icon
  7. Record info for * Heartbreaker * by Ryan Adams on DeaconlightTo Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) - Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (2000)
  8. Download Tony Rice songs on iTunesAny Old Time - Tony Rice: Church Street Blues (1983)
  9. Download "Josie" from * Dude Ranch * by Blink-182 on iTunesJosie - Blink-182: Dude Ranch (1997)
  10. Download "Medicate" from * Crash Love * by AFI on iTunesMedicate - A.F.I.: Crash Love (2009)
  11. Record info for Green Day - 21st Century BreakdownHorseshoes and Handgrenades - Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown (2009)
  12. Download "Holidays In the Sun" from * Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols * by The Sex Pistols on iTunesHolidays In the Sun - The Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (1977)
  13. Download "Tommy Gun" from * Give 'Em Enough Rope * by The Clash on iTunesTommy Gun - The Clash: Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978)


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