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Radio Show Playlist - 10 November 2009

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Tuesday Show on Internet Radio Station ErrorFM

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HOUR ONE: Noon ET (9:00 AM PT, 1600 GMT)

  1. Download "Leave In Silence" from * A Broken Frame (Deluxe Version) * by Depeche Mode on iTunesLeave In Silence - Depeche Mode: A Broken Frame (Deluxe Version) (1982)
  2. Download "Hand In Glove" from * The Smiths * by The Sound of the Smiths (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] on iTunesHand In Glove - The Smiths: The Smiths (1984)
  3. Download "Grey Flats" from * Autonomy Games * by Endless Hallway on iTunesGrey Flats - Endless Hallway: Autonomy Games (2009)
  4. Download "Saved by Old Times" from * Microcastle * by Deerhunter on iTunesSaved by Old Times - Deerhunter: Microcastle (2008)
  5. Download "" from * Crash Love * by AFI on iTunesBeautiful Thieves - A.F.I.: Crash Love (2009)
  6. Download "A Night Like This" from * The Head On the Door * by The Cure on iTunesA Night Like This - The Cure: The Head On the Door (1985)
  7. Download "Dancing Barefoot" from * Wave (Remastered) * by Patti Smith on iTunesDancing Barefoot - Patti Smith: Wave (Remastered) (1979)
  8. Download "Time Waits for No One" from * It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Remastered) * by The Rolling Stones on iTunesTime Waits for No One - The Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Remastered) (1974)
  9. Download "Political Scientist" from * Love Is Hell Part 1 * by Ryan Adams on iTunesPolitical Scientist - Ryan Adams: Love Is Hell Part 1 (2003)
  10. Download "Paper Tiger" from * Sea Change * by Beck on iTunesPaper Tiger - Beck: Sea Change (2002)
  11. Download "Bittersweet Symphony" from * Urban Hymns * by The Verve on iTunesBittersweet Symphony - The Verve: Urban Hymns (1997)
  12. Download "Go Let It Out" from * Standing On the Shoulder of Giants * by Oasis on iTunesGo Let It Out - Oasis: Standing On the Shoulder of Giants (2000)

HOUR TWO: 1pm ET (10am PT, 6pm London)

  1. Download "Everything In Its Right Place" from * Kid A  * by Radiohead on iTunesEverything In Its Right Place - Radiohead: Kid A (2000)
  2. Download "Beside You In Time" from * With Teeth * by Nine Inch Nails on iTunesBeside You In Time - Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth (2005)
  3. Buy * Haus de Luge * by Einsturzende Neubauten at FYEFiat Lux - Einstürzende Neubauten: Haus de Lüge (1989)icon
  4. Download "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" from * A Rush of Blood to the Head * by Coldplay on iTunesGod Put a Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)
  5. Download "Rumored Nights" from *Fast Times At Barrington High  * by The Academy Is... on iTunesRumored Nights - The Academy Is...: Fast Times At Barrington High (2008)
  6. Download "Losing My Religion" from * Out of Time * by R.E.M. on iTunesLosing My Religion - R.E.M.: Out of Time (1991)
  7. Download "Ton of Bricks" from * Dynamico * by Mitch Easter on iTunesTon of Bricks - Mitch Easter: Dynamico (2007)
  8. Download "Bittersweet" from * Mars Needs Guitars! * by Hoodoo Gurus on iTunesBittersweet - Hoodoo Gurus: Mars Needs Guitars! (1985)
  9. Download "Devotion and Desire" from * Bayside * by Bayside on iTunesDevotion and Desire - Bayside: Bayside (2005)
  10. Download "I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound" from * From First to Last * by From First to Last on iTunesI Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound - From First to Last: From First to Last (2008)
  11. Download "Cell" from * Autonomy Games * by Endless Hallway on iTunesCell - Endless Hallway: Autonomy Games (2009)
  12. Download "Little Miss Disaster" from * So, Who's Paranoid? * by The Damned on iTunesLittle Miss Disaster - The Damned: So, Who's Paranoid? (2008)


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