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Radio Show Playlist - 17 July 2009

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HOUR ONE: Noon ET (9:00 AM PT, 1600 GMT)

  1. Download "The Queen Is Dead / Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty" from * The Queen Is Dead * by The Smiths on iTunesThe Queen Is Dead / Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty - The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead (1986)
  2. Download "Watching Me Fall" from * Bloodflowers * by The Cure on iTunesWatching Me Fall - The Cure: Bloodflowers (2000)
  3. Download "Flesh and Blood" from * Flesh + Blood * by Roxy Music on iTunesFlesh and Blood - Roxy Music: Flesh + Blood (1980)
  4. Download "The Spy In the Cab" from * In the Flat Field * by Bauhaus on iTunesThe Spy In the Cab - Bauhaus: In the Flat Field (1980)
  5. Record info for * Transformer * by Lou Reed on DeaconlightVicious - Lou Reed: Transformer (1972)
  6. Download "Air Kisses for the Masses" by BeBe Buell on iTunesAir Kisses for the Masses - Bebe Buell: Musique (2009)
  7. Download "Electric Feel" from * Oracular Spectacular * by MGMT on iTunesElectric Feel - MGMT: Oracular Spectacular (2008)
  8. Download "Kiss" from * Parade (Music from the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon) * by Prince & The Revolution on iTunesKiss - Prince & The Revolution: Parade (Music from the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon) (1986)
  9. Download "Slap Dash for No Cash" from * Art Brut vs. Satan * by Art Brut on iTunesSlap Dash for No Cash - Art Brut: Art Brut vs. Satan (2009)
  10. Download "Yalla Yalla (Let's Go)" from * Sunrise In the Land of Milk and Honey * by Cracker on iTunesYalla Yalla (Let's Go) - Cracker: Sunrise In the Land of Milk and Honey (2009)
  11. Download "Magick" from * Cardinology * by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals on iTunesMagick - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Cardinology (2008)
  12. Download "Rockin' In the Free World" from * Freedom * by Neil Young on iTunesRockin' In the Free World - Neil Young: Freedom (1989)
  13. Download "Not for You" from * Vitalogy * by Pearl Jam on iTunesNot for You - Pearl Jam: Vitalogy (1994)

HOUR TWO: 1pm ET (10am PT, 6pm London)

  1. Download "I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound" from * From First to Last * by From First to Last on iTunesI Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound - From First to Last: From First to Last (2008)
  2. Download "We Are the Involuntary" from * Lost In the Sound of Separation * by underOATH on iTunesWe Are the Involuntary - underOATH: Lost In the Sound of Separation (2008)
  3. Download "City Baby Attacked By Rats (Live '88)" from * Punk & Nasty * by G.B.H. on iTunesCity Baby Attacked By Rats (Live '88) - G.B.H.: Punk & Nasty (1992)
  4. Download "Problem Child" from * For Those About to Rawk: A Punk Tribute to AC/DC * by Flipper on iTunesProblem Child - Flipper: For Those About to Rawk: A Punk Tribute to AC/DC (2000)
  5. Download "My Beautiful Rescue" from * Who Are You Now? * by This Providence on iTunesMy Beautiful Rescue - This Providence: Who Are You Now? (2009)
  6. Download "Four Winds" from * Cassadaga * by Bright Eyes on iTunesFour Winds - Bright Eyes: Cassadaga (2007)
  7. Download "All the Old Showstoppers" from * Challengers * by The New Pornographers on iTunesAll the Old Showstoppers - The New Pornographers: Challengers (2007)
  8. Download The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America on iTunesStuck Between Stations - The Hold Steady: Boys and Girls In America (2006)
  9. Download "Dark Asteroid" from * So, Who's Paranoid? * by The Damned on iTunesDark Asteroid - The Damned: So, Who's Paranoid? (2008)
  10. Download "D'You Know What I Mean?" from * Be Here Now * by Oasis on iTunesD'You Know What I Mean? - Oasis: Be Here Now (1997)


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