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Radio Show Playlist - 25 February 2010

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HOUR ONE: Noon ET (9am PT, 5pm London)

  1. Download "Catching the Butterfly" from * Urban Hymns * by The Verve on iTunesCatching the Butterfly - The Verve: Urban Hymns (1997)
  2. Download "Go Let It Out" from * Standing On the Shoulder of Giants * by Oasis on iTunesGo Let It Out - Oasis: Standing On the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
  3. Download "In Transit" from * Autonomy Games * by Endless Hallway on iTunesIn Transit - Endless Hallway: Autonomy Games (2009)
  4. House of Fools at MySpaceNeed to Be Free - House of Fools: Hot Fresh Shit (2010)
  5. Download "Kings and Queens" from * This Is War * by 30 Seconds to Mars on iTunesKings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars: This Is War (2009)
  6. Download "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" from * Badmotorfinger * by Soundgarden on iTunesSearching With My Good Eye Closed - Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger (1991)
  7. Download "The National Anthem" from * Kid A (Deluxe Edition) * by Radiohead on iTunesThe National Anthem - Radiohead: Kid A (Deluxe Edition) (2000)
  8. Download "Sweet Bird of Truth" from * Infected * by The The on iTunesSweet Bird of Truth - The The: Infected (1986)
  9. Download "Kings & Queens" from * Luna Halo * by Luna Halo on iTunesKings & Queens - Luna Halo: Luna Halo (2007)
  10. Download "She Takes Me High" from * Smile Kid (Deluxe Version) * by We the Kings on iTunesShe Takes Me High - We the Kings: Smile Kid (Deluxe Version) (2009)
  11. Record info for * Hunky Dory * by David Bowie on DeaconlightQueen Bitch - David Bowie: Hunky Dory (1971)
  12. Download "Jesus Was Way Cool" from * Mystical Shit / Fluting On the Hump * by King Missile on iTunesJesus Was Way Cool - King Missile: Mystical Shit / Fluting On the Hump (1990)

HOUR TWO: 1pm ET (10am PT, 6pm London)

  1. Download "The Queen Is Dead / Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty" from * The Queen Is Dead * by The Smiths on iTunesTake Me Back to Dear Old Blighty / The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead (1986)
  2. Download "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" from * Years of Refusal * by Morrissey on iTunesSomething Is Squeezing My Skull - Morrissey: Years of Refusal (2009)
  3. Download "Time Warping" from * Dynamico * by Mitch Easter on iTunesTime Warping - Mitch Easter: Dynamico (2007)
  4. Download "Break Your Little Heart" from * Nothing Personal (Bonus Track Version) * by All Time Low on iTunesBreak Your Little Heart - All Time Low: Nothing Personal (Bonus Track Version) (2009)
  5. Download "We All Fall Down" from * Run It Up the Flagpole * by Farewell on iTunesWe All Fall Down - Farewell: Run It Up the Flagpole (2009)
  6. Download "In the City" from * In the City (Remastered) * by The Jam on iTunesIn the City - The Jam: In the City (Remastered) (1977)
  7. Download * San Guliano EP * by The Operation on iTunesSatisfied Tonight - The Operation: San Giuliano EP (2008)
  8. Download "Ha Ha I'm Drowning" from * Kilimanjaro (Remastered) * by The Teardrop Explodes on iTunesHa Ha I'm Drowning - The Teardrop Explodes: Kilimanjaro (Remastered) (1980)
  9. Download "Psychedelic Odin" from * Black Sheep * by Julian Cope on iTunesPsychedelic Odin - Julian Cope: Black Sheep (2008)
  10. Record info for * Back From The Dead * by Spinal Tap on DeaconlightStonehenge - Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead (2009)
  11. Download "Aqualung" from * Aqualung * by Jethro Tull on iTunesAqualung - Jethro Tull: Aqualung (1971)
  12. Download "Soft" from * Chill Pill * by Warrior Soul on iTunesSoft - Warrior Soul: Chill Pill (1993)


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