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Deaconlight at ErrorFM

Deaconlight was ressurected on ErrorFM Internet Radio in 2007. It started as a three-hour live show a couple of days a week, then increased to five days a week. Eventually, I realized 15 hours was a bit much to spend doing a live radio show in the middle of my workday, so I dropped to two hours Monday through Friday.

I began losing my mojo when my German Shepherd Artemis died in April 2013. Then my mom died the following August. ErrorFM was kind enough to rerun my shows for seven months, but my mojo wouldn't come back. So my last live show was actually in May 2013.

Deaconlight at WFDD 88.5 FM

"Vintage" Deaconlight was a student-programmed radio show at Wake Forest Radio station WFDD 88.5 FM from the 1940s until the early 1980s. In its last decade, Deaconlight was a highly-regarded late-night rock and roll program that had become a regional favorite of music fans. The last rock and roll Deaconlight program was Sunday, December 27, 1981.

More about the history of Deaconlight, WFDD, and Wake Forest University radio is a, but I broke the site while playing around with the server so if you can't access it, that means I haven't fixed it yet.

New Generation Show at WKZL

The "New Generation Show" ran on Sunday evenings on WKZL 107.5 FM in Winston-Salem, NC, in the first part of the 1980s. At the time WKZL was a classic rock station that didn't play much in the way of newer, younger bands of the time. The NewGen show was the one place on the station where people could turn in to hear cutting-edge music. You can find out more at the WKZL Wikipedia page.

Try This at Z-93

"Try This" was similar to WKZL's "New Generation Show." It was on Sunday evenings from 8:00-10:00 at WSEZ (known then as Z-93) in Winston-Salem, NC. We don't have shows posted online. Not sure where the paper copies are.

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