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Let It Be (May 8, 1970) - The Beatles

Cover to The Beatles - Let It Be« The Beatles

The Beatles used to be one of the most omnipresent bands on the airwaves. Now you hardly ever hear them on the radio. Well, what do I know, I can't say I listen to the radio that much.

Let It Be is not among my favorite Beatles' records, but I still love it. I suppose you've heard that there is a newer version out where they de-Phil-Spectored it. I haven't heard it yet so I can't give an opinion on it.

-- Posted 2004 (DD)



Let It Be Original Album Tracks

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  1. Two of Us
  2. Dig a Pony
  3. Across the Universe
  4. I Me Mine
  5. Dig It
  6. Let It Be
  7. Maggie Mae
  8. I've Got a Feeling
  9. One After 909
  10. The Long and Winding Road
  11. For You Blue
  12. Get Back

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