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Initiation (May 1975) - Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren - Initiation album cover« Todd Rundgren

When this came out, in my mind Todd could do no wrong. By this time, I suspect radio wasn't sure what to do with Todd. Although I think the opening cut "Real Man" was the so-called hit, most of my classmates hardly knew who Todd was - except that he was a guy on a couple of t-shirts I wore to school.

This record was what started my interest in Eastern religion, theosophy, transcendental meditation, and associated disciplines. I couldn't get enough info on chakras, astral projection, etheric doubles, etc. I read the entire Baghavad Gita and Madame Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine.

Todd sang "Real Man" and "Born to Synthesize" on The Midnight Special when this record came out. I recorded it on an audio cassette off the TV. Not sure where that is. Unfortunately, I was watching it on a black and white TV. When Todd did "Born to Synthesize," seems I recall he was sitting in the lotus position and had all these trippy special effects going on around him. Like he was sorta floating through the air.

Too bad there were no yoga classes available in my area back then. Yoga is awesome but I have only been practicing it for the last few years. There is a very cool Yoga studio near my house. In fact, they are offering a workshop on chakras this weekend.

-- July 23, 2005 (DDT)

Todd Rundgren - Initiation Original Album Tracks

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  1. Real Man
  2. Born To Synthesize
  3. The Death Of Rock And Roll
  4. Eastern Intrigue
  5. Initiation
  6. Fair Warning
  7. A Treatise On Cosmic Fire

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