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The Modern Lovers (1976) - The Modern Lovers

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The most requested song of my career was "I'm Straight," a song I found on the Warner Brothers loss leaders compilation Troublemakers. The record listed the band as Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. There was another song by the same band called "Government Center" on the same compilation.

I never had The Modern Lovers' self-titled album on vinyl. From what I understand, this record is actually a collection of songs recorded several years earlier and released after the core band of Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), David Robinson (The Cars), and Ernie Brooks broke up. "I'm Straight" was not included with this collection until The Modern Lovers was finally released on CD. "Government Center" was also added. The date stamp on the songs on my CD is 1972.

The Modern Lovers is a collection of mostly rock songs that sound different from the folksy solo Jonathan Richman albums I own. Whether this should be considered an actual album or just a collection might be debatable, but the fact that this is a great rock record is not. It's full of unforgettable, catchy songs - with or without "I'm Straight."

-- Updated 1/17/2010 (DDT)

The Modern Lovers Original Album Tracks

  1. Roadrunner
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Old World
  4. Pablo Picasso
  5. She Cracked
  6. Hospital
  7. Someone I Care About
  8. Girl Friend
  9. Modern World
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