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David Johansen (May 1978) - David Johansen

David Johansen - David Johansen album cover« David Johansen

This is a kick-ass record full of great songs. It's the only solo work by David Johansen that I truly love.

The timing of this album's release was interesting because in 1978, we were in a transitional period at WFDD's Deaconlight. We had one foot in the old guard and the other in punk/new wave, and the old guard foot was pulling out fast. After initially rejecting the "new wave," we started turning our backs on most artists who had been around for more than a couple of years.

Enter David Johansen. Now here's a dude we'd known since the early 1970s as the singer of the New York Dolls. While we didn't shun the Dolls at late-70s Deaconlight, a solo effort by a more vintage artist had to be damn good if it was going to qualify for our late-night radio shows that had become predominantly modern.

This album helped us make the transition because it worked in both worlds. Although it has that classic vampy rock sound, the strutting attitude of "Funky, But Chic" and dirty energy of "Cool Metro," tickled the fringes of punk/new wave enough to make this record a staple of our playlists.

More than three decades later, David Johansen is still a strong record. And a staple of 21st century Deaconlight playlists.

-- January 25, 2011 (DDT)

David Johansen - David Johansen Original Album Tracks

  1. Funky But Chic
  2. Girls
  3. Pain in My Heart
  4. Not That Much
  5. Donna
  6. Cool Metro
  7. I'm a Lover
  8. Lonely Tenement
  9. Frenchette

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