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The Biggest Prize in Sport (August 1979) - 999

Cover to 999 - The Biggest Prize in Sport« 999

"Great punk-pop record if you can find it. This was one of my favorite records at the time. Lots of great little 2- and 3- minute songs with lots of melody."

That was the comment I first wrote about The Biggest Prize in Sport when I posted this page in 2004. The terms "pop-punk" and "punk-pop" have something of a different meaning in the 21st Century, referring to bands who evolved from fans of Blink-182 such as All Time Low.

I guess another way to describe The Biggest Prize in Sport is hard rock with a dash of punk and an overlay of pop. More in the vein of The Dickies and Supergrass.

The song "Fun Thing" is probably the song I've played most on my radio shows. Other stand out tunes to me are "English Wipeout" and "Inside Out."

My favorite song by 999 is not on this album but on an EP called The Biggest Tour in Sport. Their live version of "Homocide" is one of those songs that I never tire of playing really loud. But that's another essay for another page...

-- 3 March 2009 (DD)

The Biggest Prize in Sport Original Album Tracks

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  1. Boys in the Gang
  2. Inside Out
  3. Trouble
  4. So Long
  5. Fun Thing
  6. The Biggest Prize in Sport
  7. Hollywood
  8. Stranger
  9. Stop! Stop!
  10. English Wipeout
  11. Shake
  12. Boiler
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