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New Values (1979) - Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - New Values album cover« Iggy Pop

One of my all-time favorite records. Lots of great tracks on this record. "I'm Bored" is a classic, as noted by a fan letter Deaconlight received a few years ago:


I can honestly say I've never been more surprised by the results of a Google search! I didn't expect to see Deaconlight pop up in a result list while searching on "Wild Moose Party." While everyone else (it seemed) at my high school was listening to a) Journey or b) Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deaconlight opened up a whole new musical vista for those of us screaming for something different.

I'll never forget an incident during my college years which occurred as an indirect result of listening to your show on WFDD. I was having dinner in the school cafeteria when a fellow student at the table muttered, "I'm bored." Naturally, having been introduced to Iggy Pop by your efforts, I responded, "I'm the chairman of the bored." He was absolutely astonished that anyone else had ever heard the song, "I'm Bored." "Well, there used to be this DJ in Winston-Salem...," I told him. Before the meal was done, we had "graced" the cafeteria with our rendition of the song and a friendship was made.

While there are current artists, such as Coldplay and Moby, that I hold in high esteem, I will always have a special appreciation for the performers of the Punk and "New Wave" eras. Thanks very much for the look back.

Scott Stewart

-- Email received 4/27/2005 (DDT)

Iggy Pop - New Values Original Album Tracks

  1. Tell Me a Story
  2. New Values
  3. Girls
  4. I'm Bored
  5. Don't Look Down
  6. The Endless Sea
  7. Five Foot One
  8. How Do Ya Fix a Broken Part
  9. Angel
  10. Curiosity
  11. African Man
  12. Billy Is a Runaway
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