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One Step Beyond (1979) - Madness

Madness - One Step Beyond album cover« Madness

I have to thank this band for being one of my first introductions to late 1980s ska, along with The Specials, The Selector, and the English Beat. It wasn't until many years later that I learned ska had been around for decades. Madness are one of those bands that brought ska back in the spotlight, with an updated twist.

Madness is the perfect name for this band, too. Mayhem would have been a good choice, but Madness are clearly "mad" as in crazy fun.

But why no iTunes for this record yet? In addition to the obvious title classic "One Step Beyond," you've got these other great tunes like "Razor Blade Alley," "My Girl," and "Night Boat to Cairo."

And what is it about ska bands that there are so many dudes? I guess with all those horns and stuff you gotta have a big crew. Seems you don't get as much money per guy per gig when you have a lot. Anyway, this is a classic ska record that belongs in any collection that includes ska and reggae. Lots of good songs on here from these nuts. Plus the One Step Beyond Madness record cover is one of the coolest ever.

-- October 1, 2005 (DDT)

Madness - One Step Beyond Original Album Tracks

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  1. One Step Beyond
  2. My Girl
  3. Night Boat to Cairo
  4. Believe Me
  5. Land of Hope and Glory
  6. The Prince
  7. Tarzan's Nuts
  8. In the Middle of the Night
  9. Bed and Breakfast Man
  10. Razor Blade Alley
  11. Swan Lake
  12. Rockin' in a Flat
  13. Mummy's Boy
  14. Chipmunks Are Go!

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