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The Paul Collins Beat - The Beat DD gives the Paul Collins Beat debut record a double eighth note - great power pop

Released 1979


This band might have garnered more attention if they did not end up competing for "The Beat" title with the band who ultimately came to be known as The English Beat. This band is sometimes referred to as "The Paul Collins Beat." Anyway, this is a really good pop record that should have had better visibility.

Collins got his start in a band called the Nerves, which also featured future Plimsoul Peter Case and Jack Lee (who wrote the future Blondie hit "Hanging on the Telephone").

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Cover to the Paul Collins Beat&39;s first record - The Beat

Playlists with The Paul Collins Beat - The Beat Songs

Sunday Deaconlight - 25 October 1981
Saturday Deaconlight - 7 November 1981

Original Album Tracks

  1. Rock N Roll Girl
  2. I Don't Fit In
  3. Different Kind of Girl
  4. Don't Wait up for Me
  5. You Won't Be Happy
  6. Walking Out on Love
  7. Work-A-Day World
  8. U.S.A.
  9. Let Me into Your Life
  10. Working Too Hard
  11. You and I
  12. Look But Don't Touch


Cover to the Paul Collins Beat&39;s first record - The Beat

Painting of vintage turntables from Deaconlight radio show
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