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Joe Jackson - Beat Crazy This funky record by Joe Jackson gets four quarter notes - Beat Crazy is an excellent record

Released 1980

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Joe Jackson shoots past his punk-pop image with a fun and funky tunes and clever lyrics. Check out great bass riffs from Graham Maby.

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Unfortunately, this is all I could find on iTunes. I guess whoever picked out the iTunes was looking for his slower stuff. The title cut is great, but I am very disappointed "The Evil Eye," "Mad at You," and "Pretty Boys" are not available.

  1. Beat Crazy
  2. One to One
  3. Someone Up There
  4. Biology
Joe Jackson - Beat Crazy

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Saturday Deaconlight - Halloween - 31 October 1981
Thursday Deaconlight - 24 December 1981
Saturday Deaconlight - 26 December 1981

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Album Tracks

  1. Beat Crazy
  2. One to One
  3. In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)
  4. Evil Eye
  5. Mad at You
  6. Crime Don't Pay
  7. Someone up There
  8. Battleground
  9. Biology
  10. Pretty Boys
  11. Fit
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