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Klark KentKlark Kent

Klark Kent first showed up on an IRS collection titled No Wave with a song called “Don't Care.” Scroll down for the video – thanks go to Spinal Tap drummer @Mick_Shrimpton for Tweeting the link.

It wasn't until this Klark Kent Green Vinyl Recordlittle green record came out that I discovered this was really Stewart Copeland of The Police in disguise. The picture here is from my 10-inch copy of this record. The CD out has the cuts from this plus a few others. It's fun stuff - nice sonics, cool lyrics (“I finally got away from home. I got a partment of my own.”)

Stewart Copeland disguised as Klark KentThe songs from this record – along with some additions – were released in February 1995 as Klark Kent's Kollected Works. Every once in awhile you might be able to find the cassette version of the EP. Nothing beats the original green vinyl, however.

-- DD Thornton (2004)

Original Album Tracks

Klark Kent – Klark Kent

Side 1

  1. Don't Care
  2. Away From Home
  3. Ritch in a Ditch
  4. Grandelinquent

Side 2

  1. Guerilla
  2. My Old School
  3. Excess
  4. Them for Kinetic Ritual

Klark Kent – Kollected Works

  1. Too Kool to Kalypso
  2. Strange Things Happen
  3. Thrills
  4. Excesses
  5. Love Lessons
  6. Office Girls
  7. Away from Home
  8. Don't Care
  9. Grandelinquent
  10. My Old School
  11. Ritch in a Ditch
  12. Theme for Kinetic Ritual
  13. Stay Ready
  14. Office Talk

Released 1980

Klark Kent original cover to 10-inch green vinyl record on IRS

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