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Repercussion (1981) - The dB's

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Repercussion is the dB's second release. All Music Guide says the album was released in 1982, but since I was playing it in 1981, I'm listing that year as the release date. This discrepancy puzzled me. I also wondered why the cover to my copy is different from all the other copies of Repercussion I had seen. I finally asked Peter Holsapple about this a few years ago. He told me:

"The cover of the copy of Repercussion you have is the first cover. I did that cover art, with help from Phil Marino who did the Like This cover.

"That was the edition that did come out in 1981 — in fact I remember returning from Europe to a gig at Friday's in G'boro and discovering that the Record Exchange already had Repercussion in stock.

"When the record was released in England a couple months later, they'd already gotten Malcolm Garrett (Assorted Images, all the Buzzcocks covers, etc.) to redo it, and for some reason, he featured the Trylon and Perisphere from the 1939 New York World's Fair as a central image. Go figure."

I prefer the artwork on mine. I wonder how many copies of that 1981 version were printed?

-- 12 November 2010 (DD)

The dB's - Repercussion

Repercussion Original Album Tracks

  1. Living a Lie
  2. We Were Happy There
  3. Happenstance
  4. From a Window to a Screen
  5. Amplifier
  6. Ask for Jill
  7. I Feel Good (Today)
  8. Storm Warning
  9. Ups and Downs
  10. In Spain
  11. Nothing Is Wrong
  12. Neverland

Newer versions and special editions might have additional/bonus tracks.

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