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Computer World (1981) - Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk - Computer World album cover« Kraftwerk

Computer World was one of my favorite albums of the summer of 1981 and it continues to be my favorite Kraftwerk record. It is the apotheosis of electronic music. Absolutely perfect. It manages to present music in a precise, scientific manner but it is not clinical. There is spark in this record.

Countless synth, dance, electronica, industrial, etc. bands owe Kraftwerk a nod, whether or not they have actually listened to Kraftwerk's records. It's not uncommon for me to be listening to Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, even Beck, without hearing echoes of Kraftwerk.

We had a blast the other night listening to this record. We turned out all the lights and the kids put on a light show by swirling light from their flashlights on the ceiling. This might sound like a silly way to spend a Saturday night, but it beat anything that was on television. [And no, none of us were doing drugs....]

Even though Kraftwerk's sound is not considered rock and roll, these dudes so much deserve their spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You think it will ever happen?

-- June 20, 2005 (DDT)

Computer World Original Tracks

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  1. Computer World
  2. Pocket Calculator
  3. Numbers
  4. Computer World, Pt. 2
  5. Computer Love
  6. Home Computer
  7. It's More Fun to Compute

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