Public Image Limited - The Flowers of Romance four quarter notes - essential/excellent records

Released 1981

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This might be one of the lesser known PiL records. It has stood the test of time and still sounds good on those nights when you want something different but not too weird.

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  1. Flowers of Romance
Public Image Limited - The Flowers of Romance

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Tuesday Deaconlight - 2 June 1981
Saturday Deaconlight - 14 November 1981
Sunday Deaconlight - 6 December 1981
Saturday Deaconlight - 12 December 1981
Sunday Deaconlight - 13 December 1981
Saturday Deaconlight - 19 December 1981

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Album Tracks

  1. Four Enclosed Walls
  2. Track 8
  3. Phenagen
  4. Flowers of Romance
  5. Under the House
  6. Hymie's Him
  7. Banging the Door
  8. Go Back
  9. Francis Massacre
  10. Flowers of Romance [instrumental]
  11. Home Is Where the Heart Is
  12. Another
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