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Dark Continent (1982) - Wall of Voodoo

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Dark Continent was Wall of Voodoo's first full-length record. I will forever be grateful to IRS records for helping to get Wall of Voodoo on the map. I just wish more radio programmers would have paid attention to this record when it came out. Off the top of my head, I can't say what could have been a so-called radio hit but it would have been nice if people had heard Wall of Voodoo before the smash hit "Mexican Radio" so they would realize there is so much more to this band than that one song.

Stan Ridgway has a unique delivery that mixes so well with the rest of the band's rhythms. It's true that Wall of Voodoo's music is very electronic, but it's more about rhythm than synthesizers, at least I think so.

One of my favorite cuts is "Back in Flesh," which I first heard on the live LP Urgh! A Music War. There is also a live version on The Index Masters. That's a compilation of the first Wall of Voodoo EP along with some extra live tracks mostly from Dark Continent songs.

-- May 1, 2005 (DD)

Wall of Voodoo - Dark Continent Original Album Tracks

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  2. Two Minutes Till Lunch
  3. Animal Day
  4. Full of Tension
  5. Me and My Dad
  6. Back in Flesh
  7. Tsetse Fly
  8. Call Box (1-2-3)
  9. This Way Out
  10. Good Times
  11. Crack the Bell
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