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Trans (Jan. 1983) - Neil Young

Neil Young - Trans album cover« Neil Young

I read a lot of bad press on this record when it came out. All wrong.

There's nothing Neil Young can't do. The range of his talent is incredible.

I don't see this record as an attempt to tap into the "New Wave" crowd. It's an awesome mix of real rock and electronica.

-- 2005 (DDT)




Neil Young - Trans Original Album Tracks

  1. Buy Neil Young - Trans CDiconLittle Thing Called Love
  2. Computer Age
  3. We R in Control
  4. Transformer Man
  5. Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher) [Aka Syscrusher]
  6. Hold on to Your Love
  7. Sample and Hold
  8. Mr. Soul
  9. Like an Inca

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