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Fabulous Poodles - Think Pink/His Master's Voice


Released 1995 [USA]

The first record I got by The Fabulous Poodles was Think Pink, which was released in 1979. The cut "Pink City Twist" was popular both on the air and in the clubs I played. I think Think Pink is out of print. The picture I have displayed here is a scan of my record.

The only other record I had was their 1978 release Mirror Stars. I had that at one time but can't locate it. I played the title cut one a lot but I don't remember any other songs from it off the top of my head. Maybe I will find them as I post more playlists. I should have paid more attention to it because I have heard it's really good.

So now we are left with His Master's Choice, a compilation that includes songs from both of these records and perhaps some others. Even so, I think this CD is sometimes hard to find. When I have looked it up on Amazon it is generally expensive.

The interesting thing is there must still be a fan base out there because a lot of people find Deaconlight.com by searching for the Fabulous Poodles. If I come across something more reasonable, I will post it here, but for now, this is all I can find.

-- June 13, 2005 (DD)


Vintage Deaconlight Playlists with songs from Fabulous Poodles - Think Pink/His Master's Voice

Cover to Fabulous Poodles's album Think Pink

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His Master's Voice Album Tracks

  1. Mirror Star
  2. Work Shy
  3. Bionic Man
  4. B Movies
  5. Toy Town People
  6. Pinball Pinup
  7. You Wouldn't Listen
  8. Stomping on the Cat
  9. Mr. Mike
  10. Cherchez la Femme
  11. Talkin' Trash
  12. Rumbaba Boogie
  13. When the Summer's Thru
  14. Rosie Pink
  15. Man With Money
  16. Bike Blood
  17. Chicago Boxcar (Boston Back)
  18. Anna Rexia
  19. Suicide Bridge
  20. Pink City Twist
  21. Vampire Rock

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