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Antics (Sep. 28, 2004) - Interpol

Interpol - Antics album cover« Interpol

This band gets compared to Joy Division. I can see how someone would say that, but I don't see it that way. Even though they do use the lyric "Heart and Soul" - a Joy Division song - in "Slow Hands."

I saw a vinyl version of this record at Gate City Noise in Greensboro, but by then I had already bought the CD. Oh well. I already have about 3,000 vinyl records, so I don't really have the room for too much more.

-- 2005 (DDT)



Interpol - Antics Original Album Tracks

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  1. Next Exit
  2. Evil
  3. Narc
  4. Take You on a Cruise
  5. Slow Hands
  6. Not Even Jail
  7. Public Pervert
  8. C'mere
  9. Length of Love
  10. A Time to Be So Small
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