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Liars (Apr. 2004) - Todd Rundgren

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This isn't supposed to be my "real" essay on this record. I have been putting off writing about it for a lot of reasons. But since it is the record I have listened to the most over the past couple of months, I guess it is time to acknowledge it on This essay is going to be really boring so if you have something better to do, don't bother with this.

I am not going to write much about the record itself right now. I'm not ready. Part of me doesn't want to share it with anyone. The other part of me just doesn't have time. I could probably write a book about this record.

Then there was all the commotion with the Todd interview and concert and my essay on the show. is about all types of music, not just Todd. My Todd page and record notes on don't really indicate how important Todd's music has been in my life.

I got depressed about Todd the first time I met him in 1983. I tried to get an interview and he wouldn't do it. All I got was an autograph. For years after that I had a recurring dream that I was trying to get an interview with Todd, and he wanted to do it, but there was always something in the way not letting me. I continued to have this dream until I met him again in 1986 with my friend Warren Hudson, who was the Warner Brothers rep at the time. (Warren now runs Decatur CD near Atlanta.) Anyway, for some reason, that's when the dreams stopped.

I did finally get a chance to do a little phone interview with him on April 1 of this year to promote his appearance in Greensboro. But I still wanted to do a real interview on tape when he was on tour in the East. It didn't work out and I understand a lot of the reasons why. To make it worse, we didn't have the best exchange of words after the show. He was sick. I was tired. I was trying to joke around. He thought I was serious and made some comment about me "having an attitude." But now I feel like Todd thinks I'm a jerk. And not a cool jerk either. He was very nice to my kids, however, and I am grateful for that.

So now I'm all depressed again about Todd since his last impression of me was not a positive one. One thing that did perk me up was reading a posting on the TRConnection Web site where someone wrote that it was because of my Deaconlight shows back in the 1970s that he went to see Todd this year.

I will close for now by saying that Liars is a wonderful record. Some day I will tell you more about it. I think it is my favorite record since A Wizard / A True Star. It also proves the incredible musical talent this guy has to be able to put out such an original piece of work after all these years in the music biz.

-- May 22, 2004 (DDT)

Todd Rundgren - Liars Original Album Tracks

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  1. Truth
  2. Sweet
  3. Happy Anniversary
  4. Soul Brother
  5. Stood Up
  6. Mammon
  7. Future
  8. Past
  9. Wondering
  10. Flaw
  11. Afterlife
  12. Living
  13. God Said
  14. Liar

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