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X&Y (Jun. 7, 2005) - Coldplay

[Note: I bought this CD shortly after I wrote this essay. - DD] OK, I'm breaking a rule here. I am posting a record I don't own or haven't heard enough of to my a true judgment. But I can't NOT have the new Coldplay record X & Y not at least mentioned on

So all I've heard is what I guess is supposed to be the hit, "Speed of Sound," which after a couple of listens sounds like it could have come off of their last LP, A Rush of Blood to the Head. Both that and Parachutes are amazing records, so that's why I gotta put this here now even though I haven't pick up the CD yet.

The only thing that bugs me a little is there has been so much hype around this release. I am not sure that is such a good thing, but we will see. I realize me putting this on is not going to mean the difference between whether or not you buy this. That's another reason I decided to go ahead and post this essay. There is more than enough press out there for you to base a decision on.

Now when I do get the CD if for some reason it truly sucks, I will pull this off the site, but Chris Martin and company are so talented I seriously doubt that will happen. I might eventually write up some notes if I feel inspired, but I don't see the point right now considering all the press this record is getting now.

-- June 7, 2005 (DD)

Coldplay - X & Y Original Album Tracks

  1. Square One
  2. What If?
  3. White Shadows
  4. Fix You
  5. Talk
  6. X & Y
  7. Speed Of Sound
  8. A Message
  9. Low
  10. Hardest Part
  11. Swallowed In The Sea
  12. Twisted Logic
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