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It's Alive (2006) - The New Cars

The New Cars - It's Alive album cover« The New Cars

Someone came up with the idea of a Cars reunion around 2005. But songwriter / singer / guitarist Ric Ocasek said he was "no go." Bassist Benjamin Orr had died a few years earlier of cancer. Drummer David Robinson was busy running an art gallery.

Around the end of 2005, however, there were hints and buzz about a new Cars lineup with Todd Rundgren stepping in for Ocasek. I did some research and found enough artifacts online (including some "secret" audio) to convince me this Todd / Cars thing was going to happen. That prompted me to write the article "New Cars 2006 Model to Hit the Road in May with Todd Rundgren Behind the Wheel" on March 10, 2006.

Not long after that, something happened that changed my life. I received a short email here at Deaconlight from a guy named Jason Jeffries aka "JJ." He did a daily radio show on Internet radio station ErrorFM. We began corresponding and discovered a kinship based in radio and music. Our names even combined to make DJ. I ended up doing call in guest spots on his show every now and then. JJ tried to convince me to do a show at ErrorFM, but I was reluctant. By the end of the year, I finally decided I would give it a try. My first show was in January 2007. Unfortunately, JJ left ErrorFM before that time. I really miss him.

Anyway, the New Cars only tooled around for one album and a tour, which was interrupted when Elliott Easton broke his collarbone during a tour bus wreck. Shortly after that, the New Cars ran out of gas.

Todd Rundgren kept moving and in 2008 released his solo rock album titled Arena.

In 2011, the original living cars - Ric Ocasek, Elliott Easton, Greg Hawkes, and David Robinson - released a new album called Move Like This Download The Cars - Move Like This on iTunes.

-- June 9, 2011 (DDT)

The New Cars - It's Alive Original Album Tracks

  1. Just What I Needed
  2. Let's Go
  3. Candy-O
  4. You Might Think
  5. Best Friend's Girl
  6. I Saw The Light
  7. You're All I've Got Tonight
  8. Not Tonight
  9. Drive
  10. Moving In Stereo
  11. Shake It Up
  12. Dangerous Type
  13. Bye Bye Love
  14. Open My Eyes
  15. Good Times Roll
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