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All Sides (Apr. 3, 2007) - Kasim Sulton

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Kasim Sulton - All Sides Album Tracks

  1. Someone to Love [from Kasim]
  2. Lights On
  3. Rather Be Blind
  4. Give Him Up
  5. Drivin' Me Mad
  6. Sacrifice [from Quid Pro Quo]
  7. All the Right Reasons
  8. Heaven's Girl
  9. The One Sure Thing [from Quid Pro Quo]
  10. Don't Break My Heart [from Kasim]
  11. Oh No
  12. In the Name of Love
  13. Over for Now
  14. Sweet Little Accident [from Kasim]
  15. My Year
  16. Goodbye [from Quid Pro Quo]
  17. Are You Happy Now?
  18. Yellow Cab
  19. Minutes Slipping Past
  20. I Wanna Be What I Am
  21. Sometimes Love Is a Dangerous Thing
  22. Liar
  23. Love Is Blind
  24. Sweet Little Accident (Demo Version)
  25. Drivin' Me Mad (Demo Version)
  26. Don't Break My Heart (Demo Version)
  27. Love Alone
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