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From First To Last - From First To Last [self-titled]

Released May 6, 2008 [USA]

Avalon's Comments

When singer Sonny Moore left From First To Last shortly after the release of FFTL's 2006 album Herione, I expected the worst. Instead, with guitarist/vocalist Matt Good stepping into center stage, FFTL got better. Their newest CD, the self-titled From First To Last, is indescribable. Derek Bloom's drums are heavier, Manning's bass is more significant, and the dual guitars of Matt Good and Travis Richter are incredible.

The album opens with "Two As One", a fast-paced rocker FFTL introduced on their MySpace page last fall. I first heard this infectious rocker last summer. At that time it was so new Matt Good said they hadn't given it a name yet. The album includes the new single "Worlds Away", and the iTunes version also has an acoustic version and the music video. The CD closes with my personal favorite, the acoustic song "In Memoriam in Advance."

-- 6 May 2008

Original Album Tracks

From First To Last - From First To Last [self-titled]

  1. Two As One
  2. The Other Side
  3. Worlds Away
  4. We All Turn Back To Dust
  5. Medicinal Reality
  6. A Perfect Mess
  7. Tick Tick Tomorrow
  8. Deliverance!
  9. I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound
  10. Be-Headed (Marathon Man)
  11. In Memoriam In Advance


Cover to From First To Last's CD From First To Last [self-titled]

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