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21st Century Breakdown (2009) - Green Day

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown album cover« Green Day

Another rock-opera-esque album from Green Day, but in a different style from American Idiot. No concatenated mega epics like "Jesus of Suburbia" - at least not in the original tracks. Each song stands alone in a 3-to-4 minute span.

Some of the sounds are closer to classic pop than punk. There are echoes of The Beatles in parts of this record as well as in-your-face slamming rock.

One of my favorite pieces is an iTunes bonus track - the mega-concatenated cover of The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away at the Army." This song was The Who's first mini-rock-opera. Catch The Who's live performance of "A Quick One" in the 1968 film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. You can find it on YouTube.

-- March 14, 2011 (DDT)

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Original Album Tracks

  1. Song of the Century
  2. 21st Century Breakdown
  3. Know Your Enemy
  4. ¡Viva La Gloria!
  5. Before the Lobotomy
  6. Christian's Inferno
  7. Last Night on Earth
  8. East Jesus Nowhere
  9. Peacemaker
  10. Last of the American Girls
  11. Murder City
  12. ¿Viva La Gloria? [Little Girl]
  13. Restless Heart Syndrome
  14. Horseshoes and Handgrenades
  15. The Static Age
  16. 21 Guns
  17. American Eulogy: A. Mass Hysteria/B. Modern World
  18. See the Light
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