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Beautiful Days (Jul. 20, 2009) - The Operation

The Operation - Beautiful Days album cover« The Operation

Three years ago when my "extended network" at MySpace was a mere 50 billion, I spent a lot of time there looking to see what my favorite bands were up to. MySpace was also a great "venue" for finding out more about bands I didn't know much about and l discovered bands I'd never heard of. At the time I tried to limit my "friends" mostly to bands and other musical artists so I could easily scroll through bulletins for music updates. Because I had so many bands on my friends list, lots of other artists found me from going through mutual friends.

For awhile after I joined MySpace in February 2006, I was able to listen to songs by most of the new bands who requested an add. As the number of requests escalated, however, it became impossible to keep up with all of them. Sometimes I would get a personal message that would prompt me to put that band at the top of my "listen" list. It was my good fortune I received this message on MySpace August 21, 2006:


Found you on the Supergrass myspace and thought you might be interested in checking out The Operation. We are a three piece indie/rock/pop band from the UK. We have recently showcased in Los Angeles and will be heading back to the USA soon. In the UK music press we've been compared to the following:-

The Who
The Jam
The Police
Three Colours Red
Foo Fighters

Come over have a listen see what you like, download as much as you want, add us and be our friend. We are trying to build as big a following as possible.

Thanks for listening

The Operation

So I headed over to and listened to "Sing for The People," "Satisfied Tonight," and more. These songs told me The Operation were not some fad band. This was real straight-ahead rock that seemed without trend. The guys in this power trio - Alex Veale (guitar, vocals), Nick Wilton (bass), and Oliver Court (drums) were young and the songs were fresh, yet the music would have fit in the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s. They had a classic sound the was not retro.

I found myself visiting The Operation's MySpace player often. When the band opened up the player to allow downloads I finally had my own Operation songs but I wanted more. Later that year as I pondered whether to take up on its offer to bring Deaconlight back to radio, I thought of this band. The Operation and a few other artists had impressed me so much I felt compelled to return to radio so I could play their music. So I messaged the band on MySpace and asked if they could send more songs. Alex sent me a CD of demos in January 2007, right about the time Deaconlight debuted on

Nick Wiltern, Alex Veal, and Oliver Court of The Operation - Photo by Sam Tarling

Meanwhile the band stayed busy recording in Italy, flying to L.A. to perform in a showcase, and playing lots of gigs in the UK. The Operation released their San Giuliano EP in December 2008 on Download San Giuliano - EP - by The Operation on iTunes. Even though I had most of the songs, I bought it anyway to show my support for this band and for the joy of finally being able to buy a record by The Operation.

The EP placated me for awhile, but I found myself nagging Alex again about when the full-length album would be released. A few weeks ago he messaged me on Facebook to let me know the album release was imminent: Release date for Beautiful Days by The Operation - 31 July 2009 on Iota Recordings.

The Operation performing a live version of "Get Up,"
the opening track from Beautiful Days.

Note: Turn your volume up LOUD when you play this!

July 23 I was working hard to get ready for band interviews at Warped Tour the next day. When my hubby, Billy Leather, walked in with the mail, I was happy to see my long-awaited Operation album had arrived. The next morning as I was getting ready to head out, it occurred to me I was likely to end up talking to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman in the press area and that I should give him a copy of the CD. I couldn't part with my own so I burned a copy. That left me with a dilemma, however. Deaconlight policy is to never copy and give away music a band sends to me unless I first get permission from the artist. There was no time for this so I made the executive decision to take the copy and try to get it in Kevin's hands.

Sure enough as Kevin and I walked to his tent for our interview, I made a point to tell him how I have followed this band for three years and what a great addition The Operation would be for Warped Tour. He seemed genuinely interested, so I can only hope something comes of this. All for selfish reasons, of course. I gotta see The Operation play live.

Footage of The Operation in Hollywood to the soundtrack of "Miss McGee."

Check this band out! You can listen songs by The Operation at MySpace and become a fan of The Operation on Facebook. And don't forget to download your copy of Beautiful Days by clicking one of the links below!

-- DD Thornton (30 July 2009)

The Operation - Beautiful Days Original Album Tracks

Download The Operation - Beautiful Days on iTunes
  1. Get Up
  2. Beautiful Days
  3. Take Me Away
  4. In The Dust
  5. 11:58 Monday
  6. Miss McGee
  7. Days Of The Week
  8. Iota
  9. Sing For The People
  10. Shine On
  11. The Hardest Part
  12. Without You

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