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Mohanski Record Notes

Mohanski Band Members

  • Ian Hutchison
  • Jack Hayes
  • Alex Highton
  • David Kingsley
  • Barry Thirlway, Jr.

Deaconlight's Mohanski Comments

Photos and music posted with permission from Mohanski. All rights reserved.

Note from DD: Since the time I posted the comments below in June 2006, I have returned to radio at This band is a major reason why I decided to resurrect Deaconlight the radio show.

MohanskiWhen I hear a band like Mohanski it almost makes me want to get back into radio so I can play them on the air and rave about how much I love their music. Mohanski have a unique sound that honors a wide swath of influences. Their songs are pretty, haunting, cerebral, clever, rhythmic, non-danceable and danceable. But as you know I have no desire to be any sort of critic or reviewer. You can find out more about Mohanski and what real reviewers say about this unreal band at the bottom of this page.


The way I understand it, these four guys kind of mix up who plays what. Here's how they explain it on MySpace: Jack, Alex, Ian, Dave - Singing, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Various Casiotone Keyboards, Melodica, Harmonica, Xylophone, Things.

Mohanski from London - Jack, Ian, Dave, Alex

Boy I wish I could get back to London just to see them. But since I don't hop the pond like I used to, I'll just have to wait until they come over here. Hurry up, guys!

-- Posted 30 June 2006 (DD)

We're missing one of our boys here but I love this pic because it looks like their music:

Mohanski photo by Frank van Delft

Songs by Mohanski on MP3

Mohanski - Doiley CD CoverI have a copy of Mohanski's promo CD Doiley. I almost wish I could just put the whole thing up here. For a long time I had some Mohanski MP3s here you could download, but since there is a new album on the way, you will have to go to Mohanski's MySpace page at to hear more. Below is an mp3 sampler of clips from early Mohanski demos.

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Mohanski Bio (2006)

From band publicity materials.

Mohanski rose from the ashes of various London bands a couple of years ago. They've spent most of this time hiding out in their Hackney studio, experimenting & perfecting their sound.

Their music reflects their varied influences - anything from New Orleans funk, The Beach Boys & The Meters to King Tubby, Radiohead & The Beta Band. They play whatever comes to hand, swapping instruments and vocals as they go.

Between parties at their rehearsal studio in Hackney and a residency at Catch 22, they have also graced the stage at The Corsica Studios (Ape magazine launch Party), The Marquee, The Water Rats, The Brixton Windmill, The Troubadour, and The Spread Eagle amongst others. Each gig gathering more and more interest like rolling tumbleweed.

"Mohanski remind me of the qualities I used to love about Blur and Radiohead... but more consistently. They are releasing a little 7 inch sometime in the next few months, and I definitely plan on getting one. So should you."


"If The Stone Roses had a child with Gomez, and then said child was adopted for two years by Massive Attack and Zero 7, and then returned to the land of Ian Brown post Stone Roses as a teenager - the fully functional adult before you would be Mohanski"

-- Aoife, MC of The Indie Hour

"Mohanski make the music you'd hear from a collision between G Love and the Beta Band outside the John Lennon International Airport."

-- Knom

"Radiohead's Kid A meets the low-fi tendenaces of the Beta Band."

-- Plum Promotions

"An unlikely sounding combo that manage to combine the sounds of Amnesiac era Radiohead with Arthur Lee's Love."

-- Andy at Pointy Records

"Mohanski write beautiful and sophisticated songs that will stay in your head all the way home and beyond."

-- Jane at Boss Records

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